NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Now Discontinued

Due to the major breaking changes set to be introduced with the Gutenberg editor in WordPress v5.0, NextGEN Gallery Optimizer has now been discontinued.

Valid license holders for Optimizer Pro will continue to receive support if required, but the product has now been removed from sale, in preparation for the release.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who's enjoyed using the plugin to optimize their sites over the last six and a half years, and wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,

NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Documentation

NextGEN Gallery

Troubleshooting NextGEN Gallery

This section brings together past support questions regarding NextGEN Gallery itself, and may be useful if you're experiencing issues.

Locating the NextGEN "Gallery" tab

If you can't find your NextGEN "Gallery" tab, please make sure the "NextGEN Gallery" plugin is both installed and activated on your plugins page in the admin (it's a separate plugin available here). Once activated, the "Gallery" options tab should appear near the bottom of your left sidebar in the admin.

If you can't find the tab for your plugins page either, it's likely you're logged in as a user without administrative privileges. You can verify this by visiting

Why won't my album images click-through to a gallery on my [album id=x] shortcodes?

This occurs in NextGEN Legacy and NextCellent Gallery when the "Deactivate gallery page link" option is deactivated, without first specifying a "Link To" page at Gallery -> Manage Gallery -> your_gallery_name.

To resolve this, either go to Gallery --> Options --> Gallery Settings and make sure the first option "Deactivate gallery page link" is checked (as it is by default), or go to Gallery -> Manage Gallery -> your_gallery_name and enter a page you want it to link to.

I've just added a gallery to an album in NextGEN and I get a "Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$gallery_ids" error message on my page.

The drag-and-drop "Manage Albums" page in NextGEN Legacy / NextCellent Gallery does not auto-save like the WordPress widgets page. Click the "Update" button and your albums will display as they should.

Why aren't my slideshows working? They just show a rotating loading circle.

Please go to Gallery -> Manage Gallery and select the gallery that's causing you trouble. Inside this gallery, ensure ALL image thumbnails are displaying and re-upload them if necessary.

If they're missing, the "Path" field may have been changed, which will cause the slideshow to break.

Additionally, in NextGEN Legacy / NextCellent Gallery, slideshows require two or more images inside a gallery in order to function, else they'll break as above.

How do I get regular pagination on NextGEN Legacy / NextCellent Album pages?

By default, Album pages don't include pagination...but you can activate this feature by adding a custom field called "ngg_paged_Galleries" on the edit screen for your album page in the WordPress admin.

The value of the custom field should be the number of albums you wish to display per page.

Limitations of AJAX pagination in NextGEN Legacy / NextCellent Gallery

In NextGEN Legacy / NextCellent Gallery, there are a few issues/limitations/UI inconsistencies you should be aware of when using the AJAX pagination feature.

1. It breaks the [Show as slideshow] links when activated.
2. It causes several error notices per page in debug mode.
3. It isn't coded to work at all on album main pages, or on most shortcodes (UI inconsistency).

If you only use the [nggallery id=x] and/or [imagebrowser id=x] shortcode on your site, and you have [Show as slideshow] links deactivated and debugging turned off however, everything should run fine.