NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Now Discontinued

Due to the major breaking changes set to be introduced with the Gutenberg editor in WordPress v5.0, NextGEN Gallery Optimizer has now been discontinued.

Valid license holders for Optimizer Pro will continue to receive support if required, but the product has now been removed from sale, in preparation for the release.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who's enjoyed using the plugin to optimize their sites over the last six and a half years, and wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,

The essential add-on for the NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin

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Strip unused scripts

Speed up your site

NextGEN Gallery Optimizer improves your site's page load speed by preventing NextGEN's scripts & stylesheets from loading on pages without galleries.

What's more, if you're using the original NextGEN Gallery (v1.x.xx) or the NextCellent Gallery fork, Optimizer will intelligently fine-tune all your GALLERY pages too... detecting every shortcode and setting to only load what's necessary.

Why would you want a faster site?

Search rankings

Google uses page load time as a ranking factor. Better visibility in search will help drive you more visitors & customers.

Page views / Sales

Improving your page load times helps decrease bounce rates and increase page views / sales, especially on mobile devices.

Bandwidth costs

By not serving unnecessary files on every page load, you'll reduce your data transfer costs and improve server performance.

More attractive galleries with...

Optimizer's Enhanced Fancybox Lightbox

1-click integration

Just activate and you’re set. Works with NextGEN Gallery 2.0, NextGEN Legacy and NextCellent Gallery.

Speeds up your site

Lightbox scripts and styles are loaded only as needed, speeding up your site’s page load times.

Responsive (Pro feature)

Automatically resizes on iOS/Android orientation change, or when your visitors resize their browser window. Try it out above!

Works in IE 6+

Compatible with all major browsers inc. Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox & Internet Explorer.

Refined alignment

Factors in space for single line titles during Fancybox's image size calculations, for perfect vertical alignment.

jQuery v1.9/10/11 ready

Works without jQuery migrate, so you can safely deregister it for further optimization.

Fewer requests

Loads in two HTTP requests instead of six, for even faster page loads. *Compared to the default NextGEN 2.0 Fancybox.

Fully namespaced

Prevents potential naming collisions, for better compatibility with themes and other plugins.

AJAX pagination

Compatible with AJAX pagination in NextGEN 2.0, NextGEN Legacy and NextCellent Gallery (no longer need to use the Shutter effect).

Want more control?

Exclusive to Optimizer Pro...

Dynamic Fancybox Settings Interface

NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Pro's Dynamic Fancybox Settings Interface

The fastest and easiest way to customize Fancybox.

Click here for a live, on-page demo

No coding. No front-end refreshes. Update-safe.

See your changes as you make them.

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NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Basic includes the script and stylesheet optimization feature
NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Basic includes the Enhanced Fancybox Lightbox feature
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NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Pro includes the script and stylesheet optimization feature
NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Pro includes the Enhanced Fancybox Lightbox feature
NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Pro includes the NextGEN Gallery Deactivator feature
NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Pro includes the Dynamic Fancybox Settings Interface feature
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