NextGEN Gallery Optimizer v2.1.4 Now Available

I’m happy to announce that NextGEN Gallery Optimizer v2.1.4 (Basic and Pro) is now available, and ready to download right from the 1-click installer/updater in your WordPress admin.

This is the fourth point release for v2.1, and is primarily a maintenance update to test, document and ensure compatibility with several new versions of NextGEN Gallery, the awesome release of the speedy new PHP 7, and yet another major release of WordPress itself (v4.5).

This is a recommended update, as it addresses a small JavaScript issue introduced in WordPress v4.5.

All in-plugin documentation has been updated to reflect our new “tested up to” compatibility, and I’m pleased to say Optimizer v2.1.4 currently supports (and is tested compatible with) NextGEN Gallery (v2.0.0 to v2.1.46), NextGEN Legacy (v1.6.2 to v1.9.13), NextCellent Gallery (v1.9.14 to v1.9.31), WordPress (v3.7 to v4.5.3), and is fully PHP 7 ready.



v2.1.4 – 2016-7-14

Optimizer Basic and Pro:

* Tested: Fully compatible with NextGEN Gallery up to v2.1.46.

* Tested: Fully compatible with NextCellent Gallery up to v1.9.31 (unchanged).

* Tested: Fully compatible with WordPress up to v4.5.3.

* Tested: PHP 7 ready.

* Added: WP v4.5 compatibility for our plugin description JavaScript on the “plugins.php” page.

* Updated: Incremented all version numbers (as appropriate) to document our new “tested up to” compatibilities.

* Updated: The download URL to NextGEN’s repository page is now in the new format (i.e. omit “/extend/”, and include SSL).

* Fixed: Character encoding issues in readme.txt. Now saved strictly as UTF-8 (dropped the BOM).

* Fixed: Single-quote encoding issues in the header comment documentation.